Year 6 Ambassadors

At the beginning of  Year 6, each pupil had to decide which, if any, role they would like to apply for.  The vacant positions were: Head/Deputy Head Boy and Girl, Prefects, Captain/Vice Captain of the Houses.  They filled in an application form explaining why they would be good for the role and what experience they could bring.  The standard was extremely high and Staff had a tough job deciding who would be assigned to each role.

Our Head Boy and Girl thought hard about what their election promise would be:

If you elect me I promise I will help other people that struggle.  If people have a problem and want to change something about school I will try to make it happen.  My attendance in school is good so that shows I’ll always be there .

If you elect me I promise I will represent the school to the best of my ability.  I will be a good role model to all pupils in the school.  I will listen to others and share ideas with staff and pupils. I will try to make more use of the field as I think we can learn from our environment.

There are jobs carried out by the prefects, who rotate on a weekly basis; these include:
Attendance. ICT jobs, Assembly set up, Office jobs, checking Y5/6 locker area and collecting names for the Stars of the Week.

Head Boy and Girl will represent the school on many occasions and will be the public face of all pupils at Cheadle Primary.

The last positions to be filled were those of House Captains and Vice Captains.  At Cheadle Primary we have 4 houses – Bridgewater, Doulton, Wedgwood and Moorcroft.