Year 6 Ambassadors

At the beginning of  Year 6, each pupil had to decide which, if any, role they would like to apply for.  They filled in an application form explaining why they would be good for the role and what experience they could bring.  The standard was extremely high and Staff had a tough job deciding who would be assigned to each role.
The Year 6 Ambassadors for this year are:
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Joslyn was asked to write about what it means to be a prefect.


The prefects are very important to our school family; altogether there aare 10 helpful prefects around this school helping our school become better.There are a lot of jobs that are up and running; ict monitors, star of the week book, assembly set up,  attendance trophy, year 1 and 2 cloakroom, year 5 and 6 locker room and finally year 3 and 4 cloakroom.  The ICT monitors take 4 people ,the star of the week book takes 2 people, the assembly set up takes 2 people, attendance trophy takes 1 person, the year 1 and 2 cloackroom is 1 person , the year 3 and 4 cloack room takes 1 person and the year 5 and 6 locker room takes 1 person too. The honour of being prefects make year 6 people jubilant. Simultaneously, every luchtime, break time and even lesson time the prefects are told to do their jobs and teachers across the school say how great they are.

We are the prefects, helping the school to get better.