Year 1 visit the Emma Bridgewater factory

A great big bus appeared to take all of our children in Year 1 up to Hanley to visit the Emma Bridgewater factory as part of their studies linked to their topic ‘The Magic Pot’.  Mrs Bell organised a super visit whereby the children learned all about the making of pottery and about the history of the trade that the city of Stoke – on – Trent is so very famous for.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and literally were bursting with information about the journey of clay from a soft material to a beautiful glazed and gilded piece of pottery.  Each and every one of them painted a piece of pottery that went away to be fired in the famous Bridgewater kilns.  Mrs Bell has very kindly been back to the factory to collect our brilliant wares ready for children to receive them. A wonderful trip that really has brought the children’s topic work to life.