Our Year 6 children are off on their outdoor education trip to Standon Bowers on Monday 26th June. Miss Lockett will try her best to send regular updates which will be posted on here.

Day one – Monday
We have arrived safe and sound at around 10am this morning. The tents are up and the sun is shining. We have settled in our squads and as always, they are play related. We have: Wormy Wormwoods, Brilliants Books, Troubled Trunchbulls, Magnificent Matildas, Teachers’ Telling and Lovely Lavenders. Lunch is beef-burgers and wedges as fuel for the afternoon activities. This afternoon we will be caving, blindfold trail and climbing. Let’s hope lots of sleep is had on our first night in the new Standon Bowers tents ready for the Roaches tomorrow!

Day two – Tuesday
Excited campers last night and some very early risers. Mrs Pirie arrived and we headed off in the mini buses to the Roaches. Half the group went scrambling, which is low level climbing and crawling over, under and through rocks and boulders. We took shelter under the trees for a damp picnic before the second session where we walked up to Doxy’s pond. Tales of the cannibal sisters and a suspected murder on the moors were shared. We have had wind, rain, sunshine and close encounters with cows during our day; we sampled wild bilberries as a mid morning snack and discovered a brilliant game with Mr Mac called Ninja Squirrels We are all heading home for tea and an early night now – flying eggs is the evening activity

Day three – Wet Wednesday
Much more sleep was had last night and the soothing sound of rain on the tents throughout the night kept the children in them. A full day at the centre today with a variety of activities: high ropes, powerfan, tango towers, climbing, caving, blindfold trail, BMXing and kayaking on the pool (not that we need to get any wetter!) Today’s animal encounter was frogs in the caving tunnels. We had a visit from Mrs Breeze this morning who challenged Miss Lockett on the gladiator wall and Mrs Wilkes has also joined us for the day. Lots of fears have been conquered and there have been many ‘YES’ moments! This evening we are going on a night walk around the local village to tire us out even more! We are at the half way point two nights down, two to go and the collection of muddy clothing is growing!

Day 4 – Thursday
Almost a full 8 hours sleep was had by all last night and the “Teacher Tent Shake” had to be used this morning to wake everyone up. Another day on site working through our rotation of activities. Everybody has got wet all round, either by the rain or by capsizing in the pool. Animal encounters continue as a newt was rescued from the water today, we are hoping to bring it home to use as a live prop in our end of term play – Matilda. The squad points are mounting up, with bonus points being handed out all round as the children continue to support, encourage and celebrate with each other. Tonight we learn how to use a compass correctly. Let’s hope we remember for tomorrow’s visit to Swynnerton woods and hopefully we will bring all children and staff home!