Standon Bowers 2018


Day 1 Monday 25th June 2018
We’ve arrived safely! The tents are up, sun cream has been reapplied and we are about to eat al fresco (in the shade of course!) We’ve had an afternoon of fun activities: caving, low ropes and climbing, followed by bangers and mash for tea.  We have been on a hot and sweaty night walk and some of us are even asking to go to bed, we are so tired.   All is fine and we are having a good time.  Fingers crossed for a good night’s sleep!We had a huge pillow fight and became very good friends with our noisy neighbours (the cows and sheep).  We chatted in (and across our tents) for a while before eventually falling asleep.Day 2 Tuesday 26th June 2018
Today we went to the roasting Roaches where we did lots of walking and scrambling, with plenty of water and sun cream stops! We all tried our best and were injury free – in fact, unsurprisingly, the only person who fell over was Miss Carr! Tonight, we have all asked to shower after our hot day and are now completing our flying eggs activity.

Day 3 Wednesday 27th June 2018
Today we have completed lots of activities: bmx-ing, archery, map work and climbing but the most exciting part of our day was the visit from Woody (Miss Lockett’s dog), Mrs Mackinnon and Mrs Pirie.

Day 4 Thursday 28th June 2018
Today Mrs Breeze came to visit us for breakfast. We have done the high ropes this morning; everyone gave it a really good go, including Miss Riley who jumped off the power fan.

We are looking forward to the football tonight – come on England!!!