Staffing Structure 2016-2017


Mrs D Breeze


Miss H Stubbs (Early Years Manager)


Miss D Camp

Miss K Lomas

Year 1

Mrs C Bell
Mrs R Chandler (Senior Assistant Head – Pupil Progress, KS1 Pastoral Manager)/Mrs A Starr
Mrs L Shropshall

Year 2

Mrs S Goldstraw-Davis (Year 1/2 Phase Lead)

Mrs N Walker

Year 3

Mrs N Hulse

Mrs D Satongar (SENDco)

Year 4

Mrs A Price (Assistant Head – Teaching and Learning, Year 3/4 Phase Lead, KS2 Pastoral Manager) / Mrs G Mackinnon

Mr I Walmsley

Year 5

Miss R. Carr

Miss S Farmer

Year 6

Miss S. Lockett (Y5/6 Phase Lead)

Mrs S Pirie

Specialist support staff

Mr M Prescott

Mrs H Weddell

Staff currently on maternity leave

Mrs G Halliwell

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Beck

Miss K Bentley

Mrs S Bentley

Miss C Burton

Mrs J Ebling

Mrs J Kinsey

Mrs S Oliver

Mrs C Paddock

Miss J Plant

Mrs J Lawton

Mrs R Plant

Miss N Riley

Mrs S Riley

Mrs C. Shenton

Mrs R Stone

Miss K. Szczepanski

Mrs A Vickers

Mrs M Wilkes

Mrs K Wozniak

Mrs L Wright


Miss N. Riley

Mrs J. Chell

Mrs A. Worsley

Mrs L Hollins

Other Support Staff:

School Business Manager – Mrs K Stephenson

Office and Attendance Manager – Miss C Chell (Safeguarding Deputy)

Clerical Assistant – Mrs J. Ebling

Data Officer – Mrs J Shaw

Librarian – Mrs K Wozniak

Clerks to the Governors – Mrs R Silcock, Mrs C Sherratt

Site Technician – Mr R Chandler

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs M. Brown

Mrs H. Eyre

Mrs L. Hollins

Mrs C. Kingston

Mr C. Owler

Mrs B Allen

Mrs G. Brown

Miss B. Davis

Mrs D. Townsend

Mrs C Parker

Mrs J Budd

Miss K Frost

Mrs H. Reeves

Miss K. Turner

Mrs J. Vasselin

Miss L. Richards

Mrs A. Worsley

Mrs C. Hawthorne

Miss L. Thompson

Mrs L. Downham

Mrs A Vickers

Miss D Adams

Miss A Rowe

Miss N Frost