Rights Respecting School

Update 23rd April 2018 – Cheadle Primary School has now achieved the Bronze Award!

Cheadle Primary School has signed up to work with UNICEF UK to become a Rights Respecting School.

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working to ensure that children across the world access and enjoy their full range of human rights as set out in the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  A child-friendly version listing all the rights of the child is available to download here.

In the UK, UNICEF is working with nearly 4,500 schools through the Rights Respecting Schools programme …. So we are joining a significant and growing movement for change in the way children experience their school and their childhood.

The award is based on principles of, respect, equality, dignity, non-discrimination and participation.

Schools involved in the Award have reported a positive impact on

  • relationships and well-being, leading to better learning and relationships, improved academic achievement and a reduction in bullying.
  • It complements and adds to other school improvement strategies and interventions.

As the school community – adults and children learn about rights, they also explore why it is so important to respect and value your rights and, equally, the rights of those around you.

The Rights Respecting School Award links to all other school ‘Awards’ BUT it is equally about: narrowing the attainment gap, teaching and learning, developing better relationships and engagement, improved pupil participation etc.

The many things Cheadle Primary are trying to achieve are, in fact, underpinned by the UNCRC – the Rights Respecting School Award makes this explicit.

The steering group consists of The School Council, members of the Senior Management Team, Mrs Bell, and School Governors. The School is currently working towards the first level of the award called  Recognition of Commitment (ROC). This will be followed by level 1

So far we have taken part in