Reception Forest School

The challenge was to use natural materials to make a repeating pattern (which is linked to the Shape Space and Measure Early Learning Goal). The children used pine cones, leaves, sticks, stones and conkers to create their patterns. We then extended the activity and asked the children to make the letters from their name using the natural materials.
This week we had been thinking about animals and their habitats. Before we went discussed which animals live in the wild and what they use to make their homes. The children then worked in groups of 4 to make animal homes using natural materials as well as ribbons, string and netting.

It was the best day ever

We continued the theme of animals and went on a bug hunt. We lifted logs and stones to see what we could find. The children had to tick off the animals on their clipboards. We then went on to discuss how we would not be able to find some animals as it was too cold and how we see different animals in different seasons.