Mission Statement, Vision and Aims

Mission Statement
At Cheadle Primary School we empower every individual to aim high and reach further. Together we work in partnership with our community to help every individual develop the skills needed to face their future and to help them become valued 21st Century citizens.

We will continually strive to achieve the school’s aims through the formal curriculum and through all the other experiences offered to our children.  High quality education will raise the children’s standards of attainment, enabling them to:

  • develop their use of English and Maths which provide the foundation for all their other learning
  • learn social skills that encourage agreeable interactions between their peers as well as adults
  • treat everyone in an equal manner, irrespective of gender, race, class or disability
  • develop personal and moral values that are respectful of others, leading to their appreciation and toleration of other religions and other ways of life
  • learn in a safe and secure environment, in keeping with Health and Safety Regulations that are in the interests of all whom work in the school.

Our School Vision
We are committed to improving the quality of the educational provision for all our children which will enable them to reach their full potential and attain the levels of knowledge, understanding and skills that society demands for their future lives.  High quality education at Cheadle Primary School will be achieved by:

  • positive, caring and clearly focused leadership from the senior leadership team
  • the whole staff team working together to do its best for our children’s confidence
  • the whole staff team having high expectations of our children’s social, behavioural and academic performance
  • well planned, exciting and challenging teaching that develops lively, enquiring and open minds in our children
  • creating stimulating and attractive learning environments in which our children can take a pride
  • fostering a calm, secure and purposeful working atmosphere that nurtures a positive esteem and self-image in all our children
  • promoting respect for other people and their property
  • working in partnership with parents, governors and the local community to enrich opportunities for our children.

Our School Aims

Pupil Achievement Quality of Teaching Behaviour and Safety Leadership and Management

At Cheadle we aim to empower children to:

Have the confidence to achieve their very best and to go on to succeed in their future lives,

Communicate effectively and to be socially and emotionally developed in order to cope with the ever changing world,

Understand the importance of being fit and healthy so that they can make the right choices for life.


At Cheadle we aim to create a school which:

Has high expectations of all learners, so that the achievement and progress of all pupils is above national expectations,

Provides a learning environment which aids learning in a purposeful, fun and interesting way,

Values the importance of high quality PE as having a positive effect on children’s confidence and development,

Values and celebrates the successes and contributions of all learners.

We aim high by creating a school in which:

The curriculum is tailored to the needs of all children and is aspirational, inspirational, challenging, enjoyable and enriching,

Teaching provides opportunities to learn the basic skills learners need to ensure they have a successful future,

Individualizes learning to address the needs of all learners,

Inspirational teachers make learning fun whilst challenging every learner,

Teachers promote a learning environment that makes children feel safe to learn from their mistakes and to learn that hard work and effort make a difference.

At Cheadle we aim to create a school which:

All learners should be helped to develop the social skills needed to assist them throughout their lives,

All learners are happy, safe and secure with confidence, a positive attitude and a thirst for learning,

There is a sense of respect for and between all individuals regardless of race, religion, age and gender and for themselves,

Learners are well-behaved, kind and considerate towards others,

Children feel listened to and are supported within a calm, safe and friendly environment,

All learners consistently demonstrate the values to become valued 21st Century citizens.

At Cheadle we aim to create a school which;

Involves parents in all aspects of school life and which values and welcomes all stakeholders and the wider community in education our pupils,

Respects, understands and supports all parents/carers,

Strives for the best possible outcomes for all learners,

Is determined to do all it can to improve year on year and to be the best,

Places technology at the centre of delivering teaching and learning.