Governor Profiles

Debbie Breeze

I was appointed to the position of Head teacher at Cheadle Primary School for September 2015 and I feel incredibly privileged and very proud of the role I have within both the school and our community. Cheadle Primary School is without a doubt, an amazing place to be!

Being a Head Teacher is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable job and as you can imagine – every single day is different, so, I make certain that every single day I make a difference!

During my career in education, I have worked across all the various phases of schooling, spending time in First schools, within the Middle school system and also in both Primary and Secondary schools. I have been a Head teacher for the past 16 years and my current role is my third Headship position.

It is a pleasure to work in partnership with our Governing body whom provide both support and challenge to ensure the very highest expectations and outcomes for all.

Peter Siddley

I live in Cheadle and am an ex-Headteacher.  I has a wealth of experience as a governor and also has experience as a Chair of Governors.  I am also a member of LMSCC (Local Management of Schools Consultative Committee) and still very much involved with educational issues in Staffordshire.  I am very much aware of the role of governors as critical friends in supporting schools and how they work to set the strategic direction of the school by establishing the aims and the values and how these will be realised through the policies of the school.


Andy Young

Hello!  I am Andy Young and I am 52 years old.  I have four children and am originally from Gillingham, Kent and have lived in Cheadle since 1999.  I originally wanted to become a Governor to get involved in my children’s education.  I now realise that there is a lot more to the role and I feel honoured to be a small, but incredibly important part of this school.  Now that I have seen “behind the scenes”, I truly believe that this is a school that the whole community can be proud of.

Mark Bridgwood

I have been a PCSO based in Cheadle since 2006 and prior to this served for 28 years in the RAF.

I was very keen to contribute something to Cheadle Primary School which is a significant part of our local community and I have now been a governor for more than 7 years.

I visit school on a regular basis to give advice to the children on a number of issues and as Health & Safety governor, I visit the school to monitor that the correct Health & Safety policies and procedures are in place.

I also attend the residential visits to outdoor educational centres every year and other trips and I also assist with Tag Rugby competitions and training.

I thoroughly enjoy my role as governor at the school and am committed to being part of this wonderful community.

Lorraine Smith

I am Lorraine Smith and I am a parent governor at Cheadle Primary School.

I used to work for a firm of solicitors as a paralegal, overseeing a team of people, managing my own case load and reporting on various financial and legal matters, so I am familiar with finance and challenging decision-making processes.

Both of my children have attended Cheadle Primary School since reception (my youngest also attended nursery). When the opportunity arose in September 2012 to become a governor, I did not hesitate to apply as I wanted to contribute to the wellbeing of the school, helping to ensure Cheadle Primary School maintains its high standards as a happy, caring and inclusive school.

Being a governor is a very rewarding position and I am extremely proud to be part of Cheadle Primary School.

David Brandrick

I live in Cheadle and have had a professional interest in becoming a governor for a number of years.  I am an Assistant Director of Humanities and Social Sciences at The Discovery Academy in Stoke on Trent and am passionate about the holistic development of children as well as implementing the social and emotional nurturing aspects of learning.  I am a keen believer in schools embedding themselves within their local communities and whilst working in secondary education, I am very enthusiastic about being a key part of children’s education in a primary school and the educational background that they have before they reach secondary school.  I have also worked in special education.

Lisa Burke

I applied to be a Parent Governor at Cheadle Primary School as I am passionate about education and providing the best support for all children.

As a practising teacher, I have a sound understanding of the education system, the need for rigorous monitoring and evaluation – to enable all children to achieve to the best of their abilities

I am willing to champion the thoughts of the parents and pupils to help continue to improve the current “Outstanding”practices at Cheadle Primary School.

My background:  I  am mum to a child at Cheadle Primary School, who is a wonderful young boy.  He is full of fun, happy and making good progress under the guidance of all the staff.  I am a teacher myself with many years’ experience in a secondary school setting and I am currently the Assistant Headteacher responsible for Special Educational Needs (SENCO), Pupil Premium Funding Lead, Rewards and Personalised Intervention/Support at KS3/4.  I am also a teacher of Science.


Lucy Fower

From my earliest recollections as a child I remember my late Mum’s role as a Governor at Cheadle Primary School and I am hoping to follow in her footsteps. The school is also close to my heart as my youngest daughter attends Cheadle Primary and just like every other parent; I would like the very best for my child.

I believe that clear direction and leadership are key to an effective school governing body and therefore a successful school. I have a proven track record of managing teams and driving through change in some challenging times and believe that this experience would be of value to the Governing Body and the school alike.

I have many years experience in Human Resources, Learning and Development and the last ten years of my career has been spent within the Finance industry. The majority of my work is completed using Information Technology which has enabled me to acquire an extensive knowledge of computer skills.

Sophie Lockett

I am pleased to join the governing body as a teacher governor. My role within school has grown over the years and I feel that the responsibilities and experiences I have had will enable me to contribute. I will bring enthusiasm and commitment to raising standards at Cheadle Primary and would like to be involved in the decision making that shapes the future of our school. I am interested in the progression of the school and have a good understanding of data particularly in upper key stage 2 and how the school is held accountable for this data. As a teacher in school, I feel I am in a good position to help the governing body to communicate effectively with staff and am also well placed to understand staff views. Working alongside other professionals on the governing body will allow me to take into account others views as well as my own. My role within school as computing coordinator has involved managing and organising the installation of new hardware and software, most recently the Ipads. That has given me an insight into budget allocations and looking at costings alongside the impact that they will have on pupils education. Being a middle leader in school and recently gaining my NPQML has been a journey that has broadened my vision across the school, from the immediate class and phase within which I teach to a whole school vision.

Sean Woodward

I have lived in Cheadle all my life and am a former pupil of the school.  I therefore know a lot about the local area and I have an interest in what goes on in our town.

I am a police officer with Staffordshire Police and am currently based at Longton.  I am also the neighbourhood beat officer for Blurton, Newstead, Trentham and Hanford.  I have been a police officer for 23 years and, as part of my role, I have contact with a number of primary schools and also three high schools.  I assist schools with different issues on a day-to-day basis and deal with family concerns, safeguarding and police matters.

I also run my own business in Cheadle which is Woodwards Printers in the high street.  This is a family business of over 40 years and I took the business over 10 years ago when my father retired.

With my background and the fact that my son has just joined the school, I feel that this is the right time for me to offer my knowledge and experience in the role of a parent governor.  This is something that I have been interested in for some time and I hope to be successful and make a positive impact.

Andy Ellerton

I am a father of three and my two younger boys are currently at Cheadle Primary School.

I am currently employed as a software programmer for a local IT company and hope that my IT skills alongside my analytical and problem-solving skills can be of future benefit to the school.

I believe that I am open, honest, hardworking and a trustworthy individual who has a great sense of accountability and objectivity.  In my opinion, these are key values which influence my secondary role as a special constable and values that I hope to transfer to the role of parent governor.

Associate Member Profiles

Hannah Stubbs

I first started at Cheadle Primary School as a supply teacher.  I then gained a permanent position as the Reception teacher in 2007 and am now the Early Years Manager.

I thoroughly enjoy my role at Cheadle Primary School and have made some of my closest friends here.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking and spending time with my family and friends.

Kim Stephenson

I have now worked in education for Staffordshire County Council  for 22 years starting my career in a First School with only 90 children as the “School Secretary”, moving on to a Middle School with approximately 200 children as Bursar and am now at Cheadle Primary School as School Business Manager.

My role here is very varied dealing with the finances, personnel issues, health & safety and managing and maintaining the premises.  It is a very fulfilling role and means that I have an overall view of all aspects of running a school and as I also attend all governors’ committee meetings and am part of the senior management team, I also feel that I have a good insight into the teaching and learning of our children which after all is why we are all here.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of a forward-thinking school with a dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff.

Richard Chandler

I am the Senior Site Technician at Cheadle Primary School.  I find my job very varied and never dull as no two days are ever the same!  I attend the Health and Safety governors’ meetings, enabling me to pass on any information about current issues; this helps me to understand other aspects of the school life.  I have two daughters.  I help to run the school rugby training as in my spare time I like to follow Rugby League.  I have previously worked in the construction industry after leaving the Royal Marines.