Fair Trade Friday

As part of our work on understanding the concept that is Fair Trade, we decided to do our very own Fair Trade Friday Swap. What this essentially entailed was a swapping of learning between classes. The children came up with some brilliant exchanges, with children teaching one another some great skills.  A really fantastic day where children came together to teach and to learn from one another!

This week the Nursery class have explored Fair Trade through their experience; arts and crafts, discussions, planting their own fruit and vegetables and creating pictures using coffee and tea.We worked with Year 6 to share our skills – the Nursery children taught Year 6 how to line up and Year 6 shared their computing skills with Nursery.

Year 2 taught Year 5 what the continents were and where they are, by helping them learn their Sing Off song; Year 5 taught the Year 2 how to throw and catch and how to skip.

Year 1 taught Year 3 the ‘Barbeque Blues’ Song; Year 3 helped Year 1 with their reading skills.